Thursday, September 11, 2008

hello moto

welcome to my blog.

in a few weeks i'm headed off to milan for three months. this has finally inspired me to start a blog, but it will hold a lot more than just travel updates. i hope you will enjoy.

In anticipation of moving to MILAN, I am watching the fashion collection for Spring 2009. This week is Fashion Week in New York City. I am enjoying the coverage smattered all over the internet.

For example, I love the steampunk flair in this couple's outfit:

and it amuses me that I have these jeans:
at least i'll have something cool.

I will miss Milan's fashion week by just two days - the last event being the 27th. Not that I would be attending any of the events anyway.

I am eager to experience the fashion culture of Milan. From what I understand, the attitude is much less lenient than NYC or London, where there is a wide variety of styles to be found roaming the streets. In Milan the expectation is to be well-heeled, period. And well-heeled means the most recent collection from the top brands, complete with matching shoes and handbag. Not exactly my cup of tea.

This summer I met a lot of Italian teens at my job in California. For the most part teenagers dress like teenagers and I'm not going to take my fashion advice from them. But when, for a night on the town, all the boys show up in dress khakis, button down shirts, sweaters around their shoulders and pennyloafers, it suggests something about the style standard in their city. The prevalence of LaCoste reinforces that this is the epitome of PREPPY. Not to mention how excited they all were to buy Tiffany jewelry in San Francisco.

I'm sure I'll find my niche.
For the most part I really enjoy this year's fashion, at least as it hits the street.
Here's a fun website of streetside photos from NYC this week:
and of course the best place to find photos and reporting on the runway shows is the New York Times:

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