Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Science Friday

NPR's Science Friday (hooray) recently did an episode on fungi.

There is this great film clip that i really enjoyed.

The episode featured guest Kathy Hodge, editor of this super cool blog. I would love to study mycology and/or ecology at Cornell, but of all my options, that would be really stretching. I need to find a program in an area (ecosystem) that intrigues me - most likely deciduous forest - and that will allow me to sneak into a Biology Masters program without having studied Biology in undergrad. Cornell is one of the, arguably THE best place to study agricultural and natural sciences. Their focus lies more on pathogenic mycology - trying to track down the fungal causes of plant (and human) diseases - which is much less of my interest than the role mushrooms play in the nutrient cycles of a forest.

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Kathie Hodge said...

Glad you like my blog!! And thanks for the nice comments about Cornell. You're right, we have a lot of plant pathology types here. There are some more ecological research programs too--you might yet find a fit. A good fit is super important when contemplating grad school! Have fun in Italy--eat some truffles on my behalf, ok?