Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Edible Mushroom of the Day

I found these gorgeous mushrooms in the supermarket that is close to my flat. You can only imagine how excited I was.

There they were, just chillin with several different varieties that we would never see in an American grocery store - maybe in a specialty shop at $15 dollars a pound. I got 500g (about a pound) for the sum total of 2 Euro!

I didn't know if there is a special way to prepare them or what, so I just cooked them with plenty of garlic and olive oil (I didn't have any butter) and some coarse salt. They were delicious, with a more mushrom flavor than the normal white button variety but not as overpowering as shitaake can be. I cooked the whole cluster, but the bottom part of the "stem" was too tough to eat, so next time I will leave it out. I still have two-thirds of the package left!

Here you can see (part of) my dinner. Delicious red wine, delicious mysterious mushrooms, and I also had some pasta and several other yummy things. I am taking good care of myself. ^_^

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