Saturday, October 11, 2008

Politcal Blasphemy

Reported in The NYTimes about a happening at a McCain rally:
'Later, a woman stood up at the meeting… and told Mr. McCain that she could not trust Mr. Obama because he was an “Arab.”
'Mr. McCain replied: “No, ma’am, he’s a decent family man, a citizen, who I just happen to have disagreements with on fundamental issues. And that’s what this campaign is all about.” At that, the crowd applauded.'

Hello! Big red flags!!

“Oh no, ma’am! Obama’s not an Arab. We would never let anything that horrible happen.”

Essentially, McCain was saying to the woman: “Why, you horrible racist! Thinking that because of his name or his skin color that he’s an Arab! We can look at his character and see that he is by no means an Arab. No Arab could be ‘a decent family man’ or ‘a citizen’ like Obama. No, my opponent is clearly not an Arab.” That’s right, McCain, you tell her. She shouldn’t assume by his appearance that he belongs to a disgusting, inferior race.

Come on!

An Arab is not a “decent family man”? Worse, being an Arab is antithetical to being a “citizen”????? What will McCain do if he becomes president, ban all people who identify with Arabic culture from being US citizens? Blast Iraq to smithereens, because those A-rabs obviously don’t have any family values or patriotism like good ole’ white people?

After this week’s report we all know that Palin has no qualms about pushing her weight around to punish those whom she doesn’t like. Last week it was her ex-brother-in-law and his boss. Next week, will it be Arabs instead? Or vegetarians?

She has certainly lost her innocent glow. “Oh, look at me, I’m an outsider. I don’t have a history of bullying people into giving me what I want. I’m moral, unlike all you atheistic democrats.” Now we see that her slate is relatively blank merely because she has not had enough time to smear it with quid pro quo.

As for racism, it is disturbing the number of racists who support McCain. Of course, a white supremacist really has no choice but to support the only white candidate. Sucks for those people who are also misogynists…

McCain’s response to them furthers reveals his deep-seated, albeit subtle, racism. Instead of telling them off for using racial slurs or not focusing on politics, he reassures his supporters “you do not have to be scared” of a potential Obama presidency.

That’s as good as saying, “Black people are people too you know! You don’t have to be scared of all of them. Like Mr. Obama, for example. He’s one of the okay ones. He would even be able to do a comparable job as president, even though his view on the fundamental issues lacks, um, whiteness.”

All this amidst the candidate’s “abundance of caution” over not addressing Obama’s links to Reverend Jeremiah Wright. McCain wouldn’t want to say anything that might make him look racist, heaven forbid. Instead McCain says about Obama, “I will respect him.”

Gee thanks.

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