Friday, April 17, 2009

Photo Essay

This was my fun fun appetizer dinner. Why yes, that is avocado, artichoke heart, kalamata olive, green olive with garlic/habanero stuffing, hot peppers, vermont extra sharp cheddar, two kinds of bleu cheese, and gruyere, jalapeno jelly, raspberry preserves, and whole grain mustard. Oh, and triscuits. Heaven.

Killer weekend.

Thursday a.m.

Thursday p.m.

Got carried away with the grass and the mud.

Mt. Redoubt: view from the Kenai flats

Sunset: view from Cannery Road beach

me and anna

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I am write. said...

also: i read "be prepared" in the same tone as when scar says it in the lion king.
that is a little embarrassing to admit, but well, there it is.