Friday, April 3, 2009

Scratch and Sniff

My new favorite animal is the Zorilla.

Because how can there be an animal called a Zorilla and it not be my favorite?

Not to mention it's supposedly the stinkiest animal on earth. But, I mean, really, how can they know that?

Lucky for him, I guess, because with fur like that, he would end up at the top of everyone's fancy-dancy night-on-the-town coat. But no one wants to sniff skunkrotteneggpoopystinkbugdecomposingtrash when they're out for a fancy dancy night on the town.

If they did, why does everyone keep telling me to take showers all the time?


I am write. said...

it is probably because of your dancing?

I am write. said...

also: you might like this site:
hopefully that link works but if not you'll have to copy/paste.